About Us

SAAKHA GROUP has gained a reputation as a manufacturer and trader of superior quality products and services, designed to meet all international standards. The products manufactured by the group are used in almost all the major public and private projects in the region. SAAKHA GROUP has maintained active presence in the domestic market. Major share of the products are distributed through a strong network of distributor within the group who in turn supply them to project owners/end users in their respective markets.

Strong foresight, diligent market intelligence and efficient execution of plans have been the essence of SAAKHA GROUP efforts to stay ahead of competition on product, price, delivery and other service offerings.

The SAAKHA GROUP ensures high sales performance year after year, drawing strength from maintaining close relationships with its customers. While a robust technological network facilitates efficient handling of order management, the company's sales and delivery operations complement each other by meeting all customer expectations ensuring efficient, reliable and prompt delivery of material.

As part of its relentless efforts to offer the best service to its customers, the marketing wing conducts regular market visits involving feedback sessions, customer satisfaction surveys and promotional activities. As an effort to enhance our customer relation, we have further developed the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) section by which customer could directly convey their concern and issues directly to the management.

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